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Evernote application crashing on Mojave

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Evernote app 7.11 downloaded from app store crashing

Software - Mojave 10.14.5 

Tried uninstalling and downloading from Evernote website too.

It's crashing just after 5 seconds of opening, so that I can't even report the problem and send the error report. 

Absolutely no response from Evernote support. 

Tried contacting apple support and they cleared from their end.

Anyone with same issues?


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No, just works fine on my Mac / Mojave.

How did you do the uninstall ?

Maybe get something like AppCleaner, and make a complete uninstall before reinstalling. When you cleaned out, restart the Mac to have a clean starting point..

Hint: If you do uninstall everything, all not synced and all local notebooks will get lost. Make sure you synced and have exports or backups of the locals. And the database will be rebuild from the EN servers, which may take a while depending on the size and internet connection.

When reinstalling I would use the direct download. Even when the AppStore offers the same version, this will run in a sandbox mode which caused problems on my Mac. They were solved with using the direct download.

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Same here. I upgraded to Mojave yesterday (10.14.5) and now Evernote (7.11) is crashing. Uninstalled then restarted. I reinstalled from the App Store and had the same issue. Then I did a clean reinstall from the website. It looks different, but has the same issue of crashing from startup.

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My experience - see above.

When switching from the App Store client to the free one, I. completely purged the prior installation from the system, using AppCleaner, and making sure I had checked all folders to be uninstalled.

When moving on to 7.11,  I just updated, nothing else.

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Got support from Evernote. 

They helped me rebuild the database.

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On 7/8/2019 at 10:05 PM, dreamer6666 said:

Tried uninstalling


On 7/10/2019 at 8:27 AM, genericsciencer said:


As per @PinkElephant, try uninstalling all the Evernote elements; app, database, ....
I use the app AppCleaner

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I did try using AppCleaner to uninstall all elements, then restarted, and installed from the website. The crashing error still happens. Since I don't have premium, it looks like I can't open a ticket.

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EN 7.11 (direct download) crashing within 5 secs on 2017 MBP running 10.14.5. 

This worked:

  1. Open Finder
  2. In the menu bar select Go > Go To Folder
  3. Insert ~/Library/Group Containers/ and press Go: 
  4. Move the Q79WDW8YH9.com.evernote.Evernote to the desktop
  5. Launch Evernote.Evernote will sync down all your notes again.

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