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(iOS) EN & To-Do/Planning App? (Like Things 3)

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I’m really making the effort to go all in with EN as my digital vault. I’m trying to rethink my workflow to make this happen most effectively. One of the things that EN just doesn’t work well for me is the simple task list. Not being able to check off something as finished and have it move to the bottom of the list is really challenging. And it takes way too long to manually move them. I’ve tried. :)

So I’m looking for perhaps an app that will integrate well with EN. While I might not use that data day to day within EN it would all be searched/indexed for me so that I could find it in EN later on (similar to the Noteshelf integration).

Does anyone know of an app on iOS that might work for this? I’ve tried Todoist and it works OK for me but I’m not in love with it. I would only have 3rd party EN integration through something like IFTTT or possibly Pleexy. But I’d love to be able to use something like Things 3 for this and still have the data somehow over in EN. Is that possible? If not for Things, perhaps another app? I’d really appreciate any info and thought. Thanks so much!!

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46 minutes ago, Raeve said:

So I’m looking for perhaps an app that will integrate well with EN.

What To-Do/Planning features are you looking for; in addition to  the checklist?

I use Evernote for simple task management.
Key points are

  • A separate note for each task
  • Task lists are a list of notes.  
    My current task list is generated by search reminderOrder:* -reminderTime:day+1 -reminderDoneTime:*
  • The list is date driven, with the due date stored as reminder date
  • Completed tasks are flagged using the reminder-done feature

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@RaeveMy combination is Evernote for the filing, and Things 3 for the follow up / task planning (Mac and iOS only).

When you create an external link from an EN note, you can share this directly into a Things note, where it will added to the „notes“-area of the task. The task can be handled completely normal, including repetitive reminders, start dates, deadlines, assignment to a project etc.

The original note is always just one click on the embedded link away. This is what it looks like after a link was shared into the Things INBOX (mmmh, planning to bake a cake  😇 )  



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