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lost synced iphone

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hi I have an iphone that I can't find but is synced with evernote, is it possible for me to see location data or anything?  I know people are going to say that I should use Find my iPhone, but the phone lost battery or something and cannot be found so I am looking for an evernote solution, but the phone is STILL in the list of devices so I can see it but idk where it is.  I know this is not the typical way Evernote is used but this would help me out!


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No. Find My Phone may have the last known location it was saved.

Evernote uses location to attach location info to notes created on the device, so you could see the last place you created a note on the device by looking at the location data in the web or a PC client, or another phone client, but it won't track your phone's location.

It is still on the list of used devices because it stays there forever until you specifically remove it.

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Depending on how the „Find my iPhone“ was set up, it will show the last known location, or it may even show the last location before the battery went dead.

There is a function that will no matter what the privacy settings are activate the GPS and make a last transmission of the location. This can be checked for example through any other Apple device, or on the iCloud-Website.

Fortunately EVERNOTE is not messing around with the privacy of us users.

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