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Cmdr riker

Change font size in Android app

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After doing some research it looks like to me that there is no way to change font size in the app on Android. I like to create sub sections in my notes with larger font denoting the different section. Was trying to migrate over to Evernote from onenote and this would probably be a deal breaker for me unfortunately. I'm hoping I'm just oblivious and there is some way to adjust the font size on the Android app.

Thanks for the advice!

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Hi.  Evernote itself doesn't have variable font sizes on mobile.  They were talking a little while ago about Editor improvements on all clients,  so it might be in the pipeline.  Meantime I tend to use the mobile versions of Word and Freeplane and Workflowy when I need specialised formatting,  and just attach the output file from that app to a note,  so I can edit it on another device when I need to.

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