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Cannot connect to server when signing in on desktop.

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When I try to login on the desktop I receive the message Cannot Connect to Server. Try again later. I can login when I am online with no problem. I am using Windows 10. Have deleted program and reinstalled.

Evernote Issue.jpg

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Do you have a Gmail E-mail Account?

I saw in the screenshot that said "Sign in with Google", you can try that if you have Gmail E-mail Account.

Also,  did you have good WiFi? Sometimes it takes awhile to log in if there is not  very much WiFi

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The Evernote app icon indicates that's an older version of our app. Some older versions can no longer connect to our service. Please install our latest  update from here: https://evernote.com/download/

Let us know if you're unable to connect after installing our latest update. 

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