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Genealogy and Evernote

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Just thought I would post how I am using EN for genealogy research.  I've been using EN for many years but just started with genealogy last month.  While I keep my tree in genealogy software, I have been making a note for each ancestory that I am researching.  The title of the note is the full name and year of birth and death (to easily distinguish between multiple ancestors with the same name) I have these in a notebook called Family History, and in the note itself I list research details I've found, along with their source (census, etc).  I then save copies of those sources like birth certificate, etc as separate notes but then merge them together.  I tag the note with just the last name, so I can easily pull up the notes associated with that line of descendants. 

I can take pictures of grave sites or documents which can't be scanned and also attach those.  

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11 hours ago, catsknit said:

While I keep my tree in genealogy software

I'm using Family Tree to store my geology data; tree, images, year of birth/death, images, stories, sources

I'm not using Evernote for any of this data.  I only create a task note if there's followup required.

I like the idea of storing the data in Evernote, but haven't figured a way to keep the two platforms in sync

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