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Gathering photos from my gallery

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There should be a feature where Evernote scans my existing photos and finds text in them, right? When I click "Got it," nothing happens! It doesn't bother my photos. Am I missing something? I'm pretty sure I've given the app all the permissions it needs. Do I need to buy premium or something?


I'm inserting a screenshot here.


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Hi.  If and when it finds images with text in your Gallery,  Evernote will suggest that you might add them to your notes - but that's not a scheduled process,  it happens when Evernote and your phone have some downtime to spare.  It's erratic and unpredictable - at least for me.  The way to get images with text into your database is to start the Evernote app and attach images to a note,  or start a new picture note containing a camera picture.  If you deliberately add a picture note it should be scanned automatically and within minutes - check by searching for keywords.

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