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How to attach a file stored on an iphone to a shared note in the mobile app

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I did a quick search in the forums and didn't find an answer so I'm posting.  I see the options to attach files from cloud locations (icloud and dropbox), but I'm not finding the option to attach a file stored on my phone to a shared note in the mobile app.  Is there a secret?


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I attach files all the time in my Evernote’s on my iOS iPhone 7+.  For me, I use my acrobat adobe files on MY PHONE even though there are other options (DropBox, Bear, etc).   I can save either from Acrobat Files that are on MY PHONE ( generated from scannable on my iPhone) OR attach a file that is in my Adobe Cloud.

On the top left corner there is an arrow & if I click that it moves to a screen with selections with “on my phone” being one of the selections.  I think there may be another top left hand arrow to move to another screen.  Not sure.

I’ve discovered that if my last save was from MY Adobe Cloud Files, my scannable will File my PDF(s) there in my cloud & when I go to attach a file, the My Adobe CLOUD will automatically open & visa versa with my last save being “on my phone.”  There is a command that will save a copy of PDF or JPEG (?) to My Adobe Cloud from Adobe from my Adobe Files “on my phone.”

I hope I explained adequately.  And I hope this helps.






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