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Sync error - "Failed to copy source URI to temporary file"

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"Failed to copy source URI to temporary file"

A day ago, Evernote on my Samsung galaxy stopped syncing.  Evernote on my laptop is still fine to sync.  Does anyone know why?


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Hi @tomminhdo, and welcome to the forums! Is this happening just with regard to editing one particular note, or with all notes? I ask because that's an unusual error message, and I wonder if it relates just to one specific note. I also wonder whether you are either short of internal storage space on the device, or trying to store the Evernote database in external storage (the SD card), which Evernote doesn't want to do (see this Help article).

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I don't know if it helps, but I've had the same error on Android, I think where notes have been clipped from the browser, or where I've made changes to the note. I reported to Evernote as follows

"Every time Evernote tries to sync on my Android phone, I receive the following error: "failed to copy source uri to temporary file"

I believe this isn't the first time & typically it resolves itself, however I want to upgrade my phone soon (handing back this phone) so need to get this synced

This time round, it started happening around mid-end March then resolved 14/15 April - I believe this coincided with the last update. It then went straight back to erroring

I intend to upgrade my phone to a different device on 30 April. If it is not possible to resolve the sync issue, how can I manually backup the un-synced notes from my device?"

I currently have 37 notes which are not synced in their current form (earlier versions will exist for some)

Device = Samsung S9+, device storage = 30gb free & not using SD card for Evernote

Any thoughts?

Thanks Karen

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