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Purple Yogurt

Suspicious activity and paypal charged #2791799

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I received an email this morning from Evernote stating that there is suspicious activity detected on my account. I haven't logged into Evernote for a while so I tried to check. Upon further inspection I discovered that my Evernote account was accessed using a Windows account named "Admin". 

Furthermore, there was a new note in my account Titled "Terminal" and it contained a Mac OS FileVault2 Recovery key in it. On checking the info, I discovered that it was created on March 4, 2019 at 8:06 AM PST. No Geo coordinates showed up in the info.

The ticket number is 2791799

Please get back to me as I have no clue what else could be compromised. I am calling all my banks/financial institutions to change my account details. I am interested in knowing who accessed my account and their IP address, possibly the edit history in notes. 

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You might want to start here: 


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