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How to tag several notes at once (iOS) ?

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In the desktop app it is possible to select several notes and assign them the same set of tags, reminders or notebooks, plus other functions.

In the iOS-app it is possible to select several notes as well: Select one, hold it and move it a little bit, still holding it with one finger. Then with another finger tap on other notes. This will move the tapped note „under“ the selected one and create a blue circle with a white digit counting the number of notes grouped together. If repeated, this will group several notes together.

But the only function I have found so far is to move them as a group into another notebook. Tagging, setting reminders etc. doesn’t work. If the stack is moved on top of the symbols in the app, nothing happens. Moving the symbol on the group doesn’t work either.

The moment the holding finger is released, the group separates itself into individual notes again.

If going „iPad-only“, this means no group assignment of tags. Anybody got an idea about this ?

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iPad-only will be a challenge. Not because iPad is a poor device or because iOS is a poor OS. It‘s all about the Apps.

Many of them seem to be designed as „good enough“ - unfortunately.

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Yes, some are just that, shoody design.

Others are better designed, but still hit a wall because the OS does not provide for some features. In the case of EN, you can still feel that the apps were designed for devices low on memory, computing power and with lousy network connections.

My current playground is a iPad Pro, 10.5 with 512GB of memory, and enough computing power that in 1995 it would have been among the 100 most powerful computers of the world. But even when a notebook is set to „offline“, it is not possible to work on more than one note at a time.

There are rumors that iOS and MacOS will be united in 2021. I do not expect a real improvement of the handling of the mobile apps before. So I do what has to be done using a desktop, as I did back then when my CPU was printed with „8088“.

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