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mac (Archived) Adding "Source URL" data by batch?

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I’m researching and writing a book using both Scrivener and Evernote. I type up my notes from printed book readings in Scrivener, and keep track of the source by creating each new note within a folder named after the book. I then export this folder to the desktop as HTML, then drag and drop all the files into Evernote, where I can tag each note by concept.

Problem: I lose the source of each note when I do this. I could create a tag for each batch of notes noting the source, but I prefer to keep my tag clutter to a minimum. And I’d like to avoid repeatedly cutting and pasting bibliographic data in the text of each note.

In Evernote, I can add the book author and title in the “Source URL” slot, which also works nicely for sorting, etc. But it appears I have to do this individually for each note.

Question: Is there a way to add “Source URL” data to a group of selected notes at once? If so, I haven’t figured it out.


(PS: I know I could type my research notes directly into Evernote and avoid some of this cumbersomeness, but I just prefer the Scrivener interface for this.)

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I don't think there's currently a way to do this on our clients.

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The new AppleScript improvements that are coming in Version 1.11 will allow you to do this!

The bare-bones code would look something like this:

tell application "Evernote"
set theMessages to the selection
repeat with thisMessage in theMessages
set source URL of thisMessage to "New Tag"
end repeat
end tell

...where "New Tag" would be replaced with whatever you wanted to write into the Source URL field.

Once the new Mac client is released, I'll probably publish a version that lets you type your new tag in a dialog box instead of having to manually tweak the code every time.

Would that work for your workflow? How about everyone else?

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