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Setting table with when creating a note using ENML from Zapier

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I have a Zap set up that creates a note every day. The note has a table and on the way from Zapier to Evernote the table width gets messed up. 

Here's the content I'm sending from Zapier:

<table style="border-collapse: collapse; min-width: 100%;">
	<col style="width: 610px;" />
		<td style="width: 610px; padding: 8px; border: 1px solid;">

When it shows up in Evernote the width part of the style is gone and the table is very narrow. I checked with Zapier support and they say they can see the width going out over the wire to evernote. Any idea what's happening? 

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Hi.  This is a (mainly) user-supported forum so your best bet to get under the hood advice will be to try Twitter - @EvernoteHelps or to ask Zapier support to take this up on your behalf.  If the functionality is important to your workflow you could subscribe and ask Support directly...



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Thanks! Already asked Zapier and they said they’re passing width through so it’s a Evernote issue. I don’t currently have an Evernote subscription, I’ll try twitter. 

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