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Some text is fuzzy

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I have a table with several rows and 2 columns. I noticed that when I'm typing on the 6th row and pause for 5 seconds, that the text in rows 1 thru 3 will become blurry. Once I resume typing then the text is clear. I tried the following to resolve the DPI:

Properties - Compatibility - Change High DPI settings

- Program DPI (Checked) - Open Advanced scaling - Let Windows try to fix ...

- Use the DPI that's set... - I signed into Windows


Does anyone know how to fix this issue? (308300) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.1.7539)

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Is it possible that Evernote is syncing when you pause typing, and that is somehow affecting the display until you type again? Check the settings in Tools > Options > Synchronization (hover over each option for a popup explanation).

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