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Saving PDF fails on iOS...

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Endless save loop ... "post" adding tags and subsequently "saving"

... only way to stop this is to close app, in order to exit from the evernote save dialogue box

- subsequent re-opening of browser app shows an abend occurred "did not close" properly do you wish to restore?" dialogue in the browser...

This is not new - has been so for the past several years?!:(

If by default the  Evernote app is not configured to save a PDF in browser- please create;

  1. dialogue box indicating so... and/or
  2. offer to create link to the PDF, or, 
  3. save as an attachment in an Evernote note...

PDF's are commonly encountered on line as we all know  - and is a shame /limit that Evernote still does not seem to be able to save/link/embed/attach this type of online document format.

How to make Evernote great again!


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Hello, David, I do understand the frustration.

However, this post is weak on the facts: Device, iOS status, build of browser, sample of pdf tried to clip (link to the page) etc.

I am using the iOS workflow quite intensely and have up to now not encountered problems like this (knock on wood ...). If I had, I would be frustrated as well !

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