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top list view: remove/shrink new header bar?


In an update last year, I lost about 1" of screen space (top list view) to the giant font headline advertising the notebook title and note count (+ a ton of empty space) I'm in. Super annoying. Then today, without having run an update in three weeks, all of a sudden I lost another 1/2" of space to - again, giant font (I'm not blind...) - "tabs" to toggle between NOTES and REMINDERS below the previous waste of header space. I want to remove or at least adjust down the loss of screen space these two headers take up so I can see more of the note I'm working in or more of the list of notes I'm using. Help? 

(Sidebar: I don't even use reminders, so losing yet more real estate to the "opportunity" to tab to a feature I never use + not giving me the option to edit that now-1.5" header is absurd.)


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Moved to the Request forum.  Indicate your support using the voting buttons in the top left corner of the discussion.

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I'm fairly sure this has been a problem for a couple of years. This post is 5 months old, and certainly many people working at Evernote thought to themselves, while using Evernote on their 16:9 laptop displays, isn't there anything we can do about this?

Like just eliminate the entire pane and such display a Search field? You can literally select a different notebook 2" away. And the actions on the right margin could easily be menu items at the top. This is such a glaring UX issue that I can't believe it's existed this long.


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