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Can't log in

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When I try to log into my account, all that comes up is the Evernote logo on a white screen and text telling me that this may take longer the first time I log in, even though I've successfully logged in many times before. In order to post this, I had to enter a display name and create a new account. I don't know what else to do, all of my notes are on my account and I badly need to access them.


Screenshot (9).png

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Hi there,

I suppose you are trying to login via browser? If so have you tried a different one (if you used Chrome,  try Firefox, etc).

As an option you can try to clean up cookies (if you don't know how,  just google:  clean up cookies [your browser name]. you should replace [your browser name] with a browser name you are using).

Let me know if you need any help with above, or if that help. I seen similar behavior while ago & managed to fix it.

Good luck!



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The reference to logging in for the first time suggests that you may have accidentally created a new account. (It's incredibly easy to do.) Be sure you're logging in with the correct username/email and password for your existing Evernote account.

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