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Evernote unresponsive or slow every day

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Very long time Evernote user, and I’ve found that recently on iPad, it’s almost impossible to use. I have to force quit it several times a day (if it doesn’t crash on its own) to get it to work. Just freezes up whenever I try to do even the most basic things. I’m using the latest iPad Pro, so I know that my hardware can run circles around most laptops. 

Anyone else experiencing this? it would be frustrating for a free app, but I’m an Evernote subscriber and rely on it for my work.

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iPad Pro 10,5 / 512GB / WiFi+LTE, iOS and all apps updated

Just as a feedback: No problems at all ... EN app runs stable and responsive. Small lag (hardly noticeable) when syncing to load a note with a larger attachment, data is not local.

Shut down the iPad completely, restart ? 

Uninstall & reinstall the app ?

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Same problem with on iPhone XS and latest everything. The app is slow. I have 15k notes

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I am on Evernote 8.17.3 on an iPhone 8 on iOS 12.1.4

i don’t have to force quit & while it’s very subtle, the delay between keystrokes is noticeable and annoying.

I’ve been an iOS user since 2007 and ran an experiment to evaluate Android for 22 months.  I’m happy to be back to iPhone but to be honest, of all the apps I depend on, I was a bit shocked to have a better experience on an entry model Android (j7).  Something went really downhill the last 2 years in the iOS dept over at Evernote!  The iOS app used to be *very* good.

I hope this gets fixed quickly.

I’d like to see a temporary workaround, if anything, for new notes while they sort out the bigger picture.



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Hello, same setup on the iPhone regarding iOS and App version, except I am still using my 6S+/128. This is 2 processor generations older than the iPhone 8, and even more dated than the XS mentioned above. No lagging, except when it needs to download anything while on mobile. I am not typing with my thumbs, but even when maxing it out on a try with my fingers, no lagging at all.

To make this clear, I do not say you guys are wrong, and I am right. We are discussing our very personal user experience, so I just want to understand what may make a difference.

iOS for me is not to blame. The recent generations got faster and more responsive. My piece of hardware is aging, but got faster with each new iOS. The SW-engineers did a very nice job on this, especially when counting the additional features build into the code. And I have gotten a new battery last november, which boosted endurance (better than new !).

What may influence things: I am switching off about once a week. This helps by cleaning out the memory and sets all apps back to zero.

With the EN-app, my experience only goes back a few month. I use the iOS app on the iPad Pro 10,5/512 and my iPhone, plus the windows client with Win 10 on a PC with a core i7 build in 2012, a SSD/512 installed 3 years later as boot drive, and a standard Scansnap ix500 to feed paper directly into EN. No software problems at all, so far, performance is good on all ends.

My issues with the EN apps concern workflow aspects, and the difference in functionality between the windows and the iOS versions.

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This happens to me also, on the iPhone Xs.  If I delete the app and reinstall, that is fixed for a while.

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Been happening to me all day today on ipad pro.   Locks up, have to quit app and reopen to use evernote.   

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Freezing of the app happened to me just once, recently after an EN app update, and only on my iPad Pro. The critical situation was this: Any string in the search field of the EN app, then I left the iPad to do something else, so it went to the lockscreen because of timeout. When I unlocked it, and opened EN, the app was frozen.

This is what support told me to do:

Before reinstalling Evernote for iOS, make sure to copy the contents of any unsynced notes somewhere outside of the Evernote app. Any unsynced notes (notes marked by green corners) and photos are deleted when you reinstall Evernote. To save any unsynced photos, open the photo, tap the Share button (box with upward arrow) and select **Save Image.**

Then follow these steps:

  1. From the home screen, tap and hold the Evernote icon until it starts to jiggle

  2. Tap X, then Delete

  3. Restart your iOS device

  4. Download Evernote from the App Store

For me, it worked. I think step 3 is important to really draw a new copy of the app from the App Store. No more freezing since.

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