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Error 238: When I try to sync my Evernote Free

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I'm trying to figure out what the Error 238 stands for?

I've tried to Google it, I've searched here in the forum with out any success. I own a Macbook pro and are using Evernote Free. I've done a diagnostic test run on my connection and there is no errors to be found.

I'm aware there is an upper upload limit pr. month, and I haven't exceeded that this month. Does any one else experience this error?

Thank you Kindly for you're help.

Sincerly Martin

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Can you provide more information on where you're seeing this error.  Perhaps a screenshot

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Hello DTLow, thank you for your response and sorry for  my, very belated response.

The error occurs whenever I try to sync. My Evernote and appears as a "Error 238". As I use danish version of Evernote I'll translate: 

"Reason for unexpected error is listed. below. Please check if you're computer is connected to any network.


To solve this error, export every non-synced notes and delete thereafter. If the problem continues, please go to the menu Help -> Help & Tips. 238 Error"

I've tried to delete all non-synced notes, but the error still occurs.

Thank you Kindly for all you're help. Sincerely, Martin


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