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If above 45 and going paperless, do ...

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... yourself a favor: Get the right glasses !

Let me tell you my story: With age the eye will adapt less to watching things in different distances. So I have gotten myself variofocal glasses. And a stiff neck and strong headache, when working a lot in front of a screen. Why ?

Because the area needed for the screen distance is placed low on the glass. To see a sharp image I had to raise my head, which created stress to the neck. Whenever I worked long hours like that, everything stiffend up and gave me all sort of trouble. Little exercises to loosen things up helped, but not for long.

Then I got myself new variofocal glasses, just for the screen work. They are not set to „infinite“ on the far end, but to about 3-4 m, and the low end is document viewing distance. When I look at the screen, the head has a natural angle now, and the stiffness and sore is gone.

They make good reading glasses, too.

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I have separate monitor glasses and reading glasses.  Slightly fuzzy documents when scanning,  but sharp screen images when reading in between scans;  and I do most of my processing on screen.  It is annoying - this getting old thing.  🙁

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The planet is spinning, the wheels are grinding ....

Compared to other ages, we live in the best of all worlds. 

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