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notes editor for structured text


unfortunately the note editor does not support text structure like title, headline, quotes etc.

I do not request a full featured text processing, but it is important that my notes can be easily copy/pasted to an editor with structured text

having basic html or markup would be perfectly fine

(not a big thing, uh?)

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+1000 for this.

I'm not in position to judge how difficult this is but it would be a big improvement, imho.

Adding  Table of Contents on top of that would be awesome too.

Nowadays, I use Keyboard Maestro macros which basically format the titles with a different font (bigger size, special color, prefix with markup style "##") - like this:



While a reasonable workaround it's not smooth enough and I guess it has some performance costs.

And I don't have Table of Contents which I still (sometimes) create manually.


I'd really love to see this feature in Evernote!

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