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To Tag, or not to Tag; that is the question... Tiago Forte has a view.

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If you're uncertain about tagging,  or looking at systems,  here's 6,000 words or so on why you should.  Carefully.


I "tag" with keywords in my document titles,  because a lot of my content is scanned to a hard drive folder as PDF files,  and to allow me to batch move them to an Import Folder when I finish messing with the content,  it's easier to add longer titles than it would be to go after the imported note in Evernote and add tags.

Given my own specific use case(s) I think I roughly follow these principles already - but without actual tags.  They come later as part of ongoing note curation when I tidy up the notes I'm finding in various searches so they'll be in- or excluded from future searches.

Still - whatever works for you.

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Evernote's tag process seems a lot easier than your external processing.
All my imports are sent directly to my Inbox notebook (collect*);
title/tags are addressed in a single "tidy up" step  (process*)

The article discussed hirearchy and network; in database terms hierarchical and relational.
Evernote's tag database is hierachical, but I implemented relational aspects using scripting (Mac).

Evernote's tag process is at the note level, or in your use at the note title level.
I also specify the tags within the note contents
Advantages are:
- Not locked into Evernote's metadata storage
- Allows extracting the text into a summary note; I can do this with scripting (Mac)

*collect/process = GTDspeak

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7 hours ago, DTLow said:

Evernote's tag process seems a lot easier than your external processing.

Probably not for me - but I'm sticking with what works (and what I know).  😎

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