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EN shifting Focus from specific Notebook to "All Notes"

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New year, new Problem:

I select a notebook from the List, create a new note. Save it, create a new note - The second note goes into default notebook instead of the selected Notebook. Looking into the left pane, "All Notes" is now selected. 

Not sure when this behaviour changed exactly, it used to be working (selected notebook stayed selected) back in September. 


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From the release notes of the beta (note the boldfaced item under "Fixed":: 


Release Notes for Version 6.17

Note: Versions 6.17 is supported in Windows OS versions 7 and up.




- Now there’s one easy place to find everything that’s been shared with you, including notes and notebooks. It’s a new feature called “Shared with Me,” and it’s in the sidebar below “Notebooks.” We think you’ll love it.

- Using pre-made templates is now even easier with improved templates gallery and access to your saved templates



- Notes go missing if all of them are dragged and dropped from one shared notebook to another shared notebook

- User can't remove a tag from a new note after doing a search using the same tag name

- Performance issues with note loading

- Sharing a notebook with new member of Business account shows as external sharing

- Client crashes on initial downsync

- Fixed several crashes that prevented users from merging 2 notes in space view from main menu

- Improved Shared with me functionality

- Cursor jumps to the beginning of note body during sync while editing a note in a shared notebook

- CTRL N for new note creates a note in default notebook instead of current notebook

- Multi select view automatically appears when using "Screenshot" button and CTRL V


- Tamil and Sanskrit characters are not displayed properly in the title of the note

- Margins set in page setup do not apply to print

- Sometimes PDFs/Images disappear when attached to a new note via drag&drop

Maybe that's what you're seeing? At least I can't seem to reproduce your problem in this version.

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Thanks jefito! I am not bold enough to opt into beta testing, so I'll wait for the new public. :)

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Totally understand -- I usually wait a couple of days before I install the betas, just to make sure no bad  bugs come along with it.

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I am having the same problem and it is incredibly frustrating.  Every time I want to make a new note, I have to go to the left, reselect the notebook that I have been working on, and then make a new note.  Immediately after making a new note, the focus shifts back to 'all notes'.  It didn't use to do this and I hope it changes back soon!

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