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Problem syncing to pc

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Hi there.

I'm unable to sync all my notes on my account to my pc, and for the life of me, i can't figure out what to do next.


All my notes are available on the web, so i didn't accidentally delete them.

I've tried to Update / uninstall everything and reinstalling. 

I've tried checking the view note list (f11) 

I've been back and forth over the forums, and the latest posts that have related issues is from 2014, so i'm thinking it's something i'm not getting.

I've got 45 notes in total, but the issue started after i created a few new notebooks, and now I can only see 16 notes on my pc. though i'm able to create new notes on the pc and watch them sync to my online notes.


I'm at a loss. Does anyone have a solution or should i just accept that the app doesn't work properly.


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Hi.  Sync issues do happen,  but they're usually temporary.  Which versions of Windows and Evernote do you use on the PC? 

As long as you're sure everything on the PC has synced to the cloud,  your best bet is probably to check Tools > Options > General to see where your database is,  File > Exit from Evernote and uninstall the app again.  Check the databases folder and go up one level to the parent Evernote folder.  Rename the Databases folder to Databases.old.  Now download and reinstall,  and Evernote will copy the server database down to your PC.

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Thank you very much. That solved it for me.

I had not thought there would be that much left over after uninstalling evernote.

Now everything syncs just fine.

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No problem.  Normally uninstalling Evernote will leave the database behind,  simply to avoid downloading the information again.  Renaming the folder forces the app to reload the whole thing,  which gets around any corruption which might have prevented sync from working.  Glad it helped.

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