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Shane D.

Where is the undo feature?

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Hi All,

This is one of our most frequently asked questions and previous posts contained a lot of outdated information so I wanted to provide a refreshed answer.

If you're trying to undo an action/typo you can 'undo' by doing the following:

  • EN-Windows: Ctrl + Z
  • EN-Mac: Command + Z
  • EN- iOS: Shake device to receive 'Undo' prompt
  • EN-Android: Tap 'Back' (curved arrow) button from the menu bar above the note
  • EN-Web Client: Ctrl+Z if using Windows, Command+Z if using Mac


If you're trying to recover a deleted note, check the Evernote Trash and restore it.

If you're trying to recover a previous version of a note, check the 'Note History'

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