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Exclude Notebook from Search (Saved Search)


Hi there,

How can I exclude a notebook from a search, or from a Saved Search, more specifically?

I searched around and found ways to exclude notes that are tagged, but this doesn't work for me, because I have notebooks that are shared with me, and I can't add tags to those notes, because I'm not the creator or owner of those notebooks.  The notebooks that are shared with me contain sensitive information that I do not want anyone to see, so  I do not want content from these shared notebooks showing up in my searches.

There are a lot of times I open Evernote on a computer that is presenting to a room full of people during a meeting, and when I'm trying to find something and I don't remember what notebook it is in, I click on All Notes, but then everyone in the meeting can see sensitive notes in plain site...  very frustrating.  I want to create an "All Notes 2" that contains all notes, except for those that are in specific notebooks.


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There is no way to do this using the Evernote search language. You could possibly create one stack of notebooks that contain sensitive notes and one that contains non-sensitive notes, then rather than clicking on "All Notes" click on the stack of non-sensitive notes (or use a saved search to implement the same thing).

I can move this to a feature request forum, if you wish.

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