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How to get Evernote to move from Small Text to Medium Text.

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I want larger text size on my notes.  I have advancing macular degeneration and it’d be helpful to have larger text.

When I tap on the A symbol, it brings up various options, including an opportunity to select Small, Medium and Large.   I select Medium, and then I can’t find a way to save my selection.  I can’t even find a way to get the large display of these options to disappear without closing the page I’m on.

How do I proceed?

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Use a template, set with your font requirements
There's even more options if a the template is set up in Windows/Mac

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So double checking to make sure I understand you, I should set up a template elsewhere and then copy paste into my Evernote note?

That begs the question, why doesn't the Evernote feature for that option seem to work?

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