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Cursor 'jumps' when typing

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Over the past year, I've noticed a couple of strange things happening to the cursor when I type in a note. One is that when I want to enclose a word in quotation marks (I mainly use single quotation marks so I've only noticed the issue with that), the first letter of the word I start typing does not appear. Instead the cursor 'jumps' to the position of the second letter (or maybe the first letter just doesn't register). So e.g. 'jump' becomes ' ump'. It doesn't matter how much I try to make sure that I'm really hitting that first letter, this happens about about 80% of the time. i use single quotation marks a fair bit so it's really getting annoying. (I've contacted Evernote Support about this but in order to assist me they require me to send an activity log, which I understand, from having asked Support specifically about it, makes accessible not only your notes within a particular Note, but all Notes in all Notebooks. This is a bit of a concern for me from a security and privacy aspect so I chose not to go down that route). Not sure if anyone else has this issue and a fix...? 

The second thing that's been happening relates to those 'lines' you can add in a note to create separate sections. I'm not sure what you call them but they're in the toolbar next to the tickbox. I use these a lot in my notes -- I have a heading, then I insert a line under the heading that goes across the page. Over the past half year or so, about 50% of the time, when I'm typing something in one of those sections, the cursor suddenly jumps to the section heading. There is no trigger whatsoever. Because I touch-type and also type quickly, sometimes a few seconds have gone by before I've realised that the cursor is in the wrong place, then I have to cut and paste what I've written. Hoping someone out there might know of a fix.

Just as a general comment, I've used Evernote happily for a few years now but over the past year/18 months I've noticed that coding issues seem to be significantly on the increase. There's a bunch of other issues I've noticed (for example downloaded notes often just don't load when I'm offline) but these two are probably the ones I'd most like to fix. Many thanks in advance!

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Sorry, I completely forgot to include this. Mac 10.13.6

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