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File path of my import folder changed, Evernote imported ~1200 duplicate notes.

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I am a grad student, one of the main things I do with Evernote is sync my literature so I can access my papers and annotations from anywhere. The folder pathway changed on our server. I updated the path under Import Folders, and instead of syncing the most recent dozen papers or so, Evernote is importing everything all over again. I had 1177 notes when this started. Manually deleting all the duplicates is not something I have time for. What should I do?


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The Evernote import folder facility is just that, an import facility, not a sync facility. The Import Folder facility doesn't check for duplicate notes. It's why I set the Import Folder to delte notes after import.

About the best thing you can do at this point is sort by creation date, isolate those notes that you know aren't duplicates and delete the rest that happened on the day you changed folders. If you wind up deleting anything critical, it will still be in your trash folder.

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