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Using Android's native share feature

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Using Android's native "Share" feature to clip things like tweets do not work well. I am told apps like pocket take the item's URL and then parse the content and EN does it differently. Can EN follow these other apps in using the "share feature".

For example, in the Android Twitter app choose a tweet to add to EN > click on the "share" button > choose EN as the destination > go to EN and the note says "You are on Twitter Mobile because you are using an old version of Firefox. Learn more here" instead of the actual tweet.

Let's say I am reading tweets, add a few of those I want to save to EN. When I go back to EN, I have to go to the URL saved with each note to look up the tweets I shared and saved. Not productive at all. 

Sharing web pages in this way is even more painful. Sometimes the page is not saved at all. The formatting is awful. Once saved, it takes ages for the entire page to be visible.

This feature used to work well couple of years ago but is broken. I am using a workaround of sending things to Pocket and then adding them to EN from there on, but this is again hardly productive, having to do the same thing twice.

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Agreed, the Android clipper is awful. I've resorted to saving just the URL, then re-clipping when I get home and can do it on my computer.

Edit: I made a similar post on the Android section of the forum.


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I would love for Evernote to respond to this as well.  I have 3 Premium accounts and am pretty good at Web Clipping and modifying the clip after Evernote doesn't save everything the way I want.  It would be totally awesome for web clipper and Evernote to just get better at capture regions of the content and processing from there.

Is it possible that Evernote can pre-process on the device, send it to the cloud, finish processing, maybe doing some more complicated parsing routines and then making it available once rendered? It would be amazing if Evernote added more benefit to clipping than just storage.

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