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Evernote To Wordpress

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I came across similar discussion link which is about a year old.

I have about 5700 notes that I created as a part of language learning. I want to publish this to wordpress so that people who do know much about tag system in evernote can also benefit from these notes.

I came across this plugin called "Sentinote" while searching for evernote to wordpress.


What I wanted to know from people who already used-

1. is there a limit on how many I can publish in a day?

2. Do I need to have wordpress paid subscription for this or would it work with free one as well?


I am a premier member of evernote.


I would appreciate your help

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Not a Sentinote or a Wordpress user,  but there's another option here - have a look at https://postach.io which "turns an Evernote notebook into a website".  There are no limits I'm aware of,  and the whole thing is free unless you want to subscribe to 1) support development in a unique Evernote add-in,  or 2) want a really fancy website.  You might also have to subscribe for stats on how many hits you get - I'm not sure about that.  Maintenance is really easy - tag a note with "published" and it's online.  Change the note and sync,  and the website is updated.  Easy.

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