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Search Within Note Hasn't Worked for Months

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Search finds notes containing the search word but does not reveal the words within the note (scanned PDF). This worked before 3/2018. It would show little line along the side where the word apeared within the docment. It would highlight the word within the document. It has not worked since at least 3/2018. I've sought help from Evernote to no avail. I keep getting "answers" on how to search. It just does not work in Evernote or in an opened document. I received an email that it is a known issue and I will be notified when it is fixed, but I can no longer find that email. This is one of the main features I need and why I purchased Evernote for my client. I scan all his payables. Scrolling through 50 pages of bills is not efficient. Help! Thank you!

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