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Sharing how I use Evernote

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I'm of Mom of three, work full time and volunteer for several organizations. I have a crazy life. Here are some ways that I use Evernote..

- I scan all my kids work into Evernote. My 11 year old knows how to do this and I'm working on the 9 year old. Why? Grade disputes and it helps with those scrapbooking project that I'll get to one day. Anyone one school aged kids is inundated with paperwork. I have them place school notes in the scanner so I could scan and read on the train I also show Family and Grandparent art and other projects and tests on Ipad.

- AR reading list and points. I have a file of the books that we are looking for and need to add to collection

- Share documents with my Girl Scout Troop as well as archived all the documents for our local Swim Club

- Room Party directions..I have a log of all the room parties and copies of the letters that I sent to families.

- Instructions for toys and receipts. I've pulled it up at target and got a refund for a broken TV..The service desk women was a little mad that she had to type the receipt number in but it worked..

These are just a few things. I would like to hear other ideas.


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I gave up on a scanner and just use the Scannable app on my ipad.

I also scan every piece of paper that comes my way.  

  1. All scans are sent to my default notebook (@Inbox)
  2. I process these notes on my Mac when I have time
    I use a script to control the assignment of notebook/tags

The most important point is that these documents can be retrieved as required.
I  have a very controlled standard for tag assignment; its not a random process.

I also use Evernote for task management.
Each task is stored as a note, with the due date stored as a reminder date.

I create a note for every receipt (scan) and cash transaction.
This data is transfered to  a spreadsheet to produce  budget reports.


The kids are young but are you planning to introduce them to Evernote and the iPad?
I  wish I had these tools when I was growing up?

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15 hours ago, The Ubiquitou sAnomaly said:

Scannable is sweet but Evernote's default scanner is a pain. Is there a good alternative for android?

Check the app store - there are lots.  I can recommend Adobe Scan / Office Lens / Camscanner - but mainly I do use the native Evernote camera feature;  I capture in Android and edit on a desktop to crop / size / annotate the results.

On the more general topic - I also scan everything that comes my way (unless it's food or drink,  anyway...) and have a shared notebook with the family for grandson-related stuff.  He's not old enough to use his own account yet,  but guess what he's getting for a Christmas present in a few years...  ?

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For a time the default scanner was painfully slow on iPhone, but either due to EN update, iOS update, or whatever; it's been significantly better in recent months.  As for other uses, my wife still loves paper lists, so when she's running the show; I scan the list, put in annotate mode for the resulting image and scratch them out with my finger as I go.

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My solution for scanning on my i-devices is ScannerPro by readdle. It is fast, reliable even under low light conditions etc.

The best feature is the possibility to create own workflows, without coding. I have created several workflows related to repetitive scanning & importing tasks. They take the scan (can be set to jpeg or pdf), tag it with a set of standard tags assigned to the workflow (like ScannerPro, 2019, Music, Events) and import it as a new note to the designated Evernote-Notebook. Often this is it - the note is there, tagged and available to search and retrieval without further effort.

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Yes it is true that the default scanner was extremely slow on the iPhone it was horrible, fortunately it has improved because I use it often.

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