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Shane D.

How do I print notes from Evernote for iOS?

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Hi there,

You can print from within the Evernote App for iOS.

To do this:

1. Open a the note you want to print and tap on the 'Share' icon:



2.  From the 'Share Note' screen, tap on the Shareable link icon:



3. This will bring up the iOS Sharesheet. From there, tap on 'Print':



4. This should then take you to the print preview where you can select the desired printer, and then print the note:



Hopefully this helps, and feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any other questions!


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Nice place to hide a print dialogue ...

Question: I have tried this on a note with just a few lines of text, no other content (pdf, picture, file etc.).

The print dialogue created a preview with 2 pages ?!

Hint: Using the „reverse-pinching-method“ (2 fingers close together, then moved outward) on the preview is an easy way to create a pdf from the note in iOS. This will show the note itself as pdf, not the content of an embedded pdf.



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P.S. And of course you need an AirPrint-Printer to print directly from EN-iOS.

As a workaround I have installed Printer Pro from readdle on both my iOS gadgets and my desktops. Only problem: The desktop must be up and running to serve as a printer server for iOS.

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