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Shane D.

How do I print notes from Evernote for iOS?

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Hi there,

You can print from within the Evernote App for iOS.

To do this:

1. Open a the note you want to print and tap on the 'Share' icon:



2.  From the 'Share Note' screen, tap on the Shareable link icon:



3. This will bring up the iOS Sharesheet. From there, tap on 'Print':



4. This should then take you to the print preview where you can select the desired printer, and then print the note:



Hopefully this helps, and feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any other questions!


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Nice place to hide a print dialogue ...

Question: I have tried this on a note with just a few lines of text, no other content (pdf, picture, file etc.).

The print dialogue created a preview with 2 pages ?!

Hint: Using the „reverse-pinching-method“ (2 fingers close together, then moved outward) on the preview is an easy way to create a pdf from the note in iOS. This will show the note itself as pdf, not the content of an embedded pdf.



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P.S. And of course you need an AirPrint-Printer to print directly from EN-iOS.

As a workaround I have installed Printer Pro from readdle on both my iOS gadgets and my desktops. Only problem: The desktop must be up and running to serve as a printer server for iOS.

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How can you make something as basic as printing so unintuitive to find. It took me 20 minutes and the need to google it to find it.

There are guidelines for design - printing is a solved problem for all iOS apps, but you had to make your own stuff and make it WAY more complicated and cumbersome. 

No wonder I have given up on the IOS app and evernote as a platform. So sad.


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