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Horizontal scrolling - Threat? Or Menace?

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Why can't Evernote show a Note without the need for horizontal scrolling? Using the Chrome Web Clipper, it's discouraging to discover what a high proportion of my Notes require it.  As everyone knows, horizontal scrolling makes it difficult to impossible to read text, when it does not wrap. (I assume that no one finds this need to scroll horizontally beneficial in any way.)

Is there some way to resolve this issue? Will it ever be fixed? Is it on Evernote's list of problems to fix or capabilities to add?

Regarding what an Evernote user can do, can you know before clipping whether a particular type of web page will be viewable only by horizontal scrolling?  Or chose, from among the alternative ways to clip, a way that avoids horizontal scrolling?

Please understand, I'm not asking, "What is it technically that causes the narrow width?"  It may be interesting to know the answer to this, but I assume it is academic and immaterial, unless it leads either to something the user can do differently, or to Evernote resolving it.


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Maybe it's one of those things that gets incredibly annoying if you notice it,  but I've never been aware that there was any great amount of horizontal scrolling.  I'm working on a desktop with 20+ inch screens which might make a difference,  but beyond the odd 20-column-wide table,  or huge image I've not noticed.  Can you give us any screenshot examples?

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On 10/10/2018 at 9:05 AM, gazumped said:

Can you give us any screenshot examples?

Thank you Gazumped for your reply.  Here's one example, this Google search page screenshot.  YMMV but I often run across the need to scroll horizontally. The note becomes fairly useless, when you have to scroll to read each line of text. I, too, have a 20+" screen.  What have we come to, when a Google search result page requires horizontal scrolling?  This is perhaps the simplest imaginable web page, yet it cannot be displayed in its the full width. 

What planet is the company on?  There is a technical term for this. "Steel" yourself. The technical term is, "silliness."  More accurately, this is a form of "pure or unadulterated silliness."  User satisfaction should not be solely about whether features and functions work. It's about work outcomes, results.

For example, in the case of this example, I often perform slightly varying searches and capture the Google Search results using Evernote instead of "plunging" into the search results, because I"m trying to get a high level overview of some topic and its associated concepts.  From this I want to take my Evernote notes and create a concept map (using some other software).

Is there some workaround to the horizontal scrolling issue?  Probably. But, when you run into so many such hindrances (and I could cite many others), it is difficult to develop a steady work flow. It's hard not to feel hopeless as to whether Evernote, the company, will ever become mature enough to produce a truly outstanding product.  What does "a truly outstanding product" mean? Is it too variable by user to be definable?  No!

The larger issues of product performance success and customer satisfaction are of a higher logical type than features and functions.  A design target should be defined superordinate to features and functions, at the level of process and the user's workflow.  The company seems not to realize this. At least they do not bring it out specifically.  They seem stuck in imagining Evernote as the Swiss Army knife of note storage at a level that fails to articulate the software's value proposition. 

I aspire to be an effective Evernote user, because I have high volumes of work I"d like to do with my notes, yet I cannot discover and settle on a stable process flow for the curating and writing I wish to do. 

Back to horizontal scrolling: I believe that it's not the screen size that limits the width of what the Note displays, and how Evernote captures, stores and/or displays the page. They should have tested more thoroughly.

I remain hopeful.  I aspire to be a user.  Maybe the company will someday go beyond its nano-focus and see that, in the larger world there are patterns of work, which users wish to create as defined, repeatable processes to produce valued outcomes. 


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Hmmn.  Don't know how we're different,  but here's my views of the same search..

This is me on a 15" laptop with full screen display and no left panel or note list. I clipped the page using Evernote Clipper on Vivaldi (a Chrome-based browser)


You could argue that's a bit extreme,  so I reduced the window size - still no left panel (though there are icons) or note list,  but no loss of content either...  


...And even if I dial the left panel and note list back,  there's still no horizontal scrolling...



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5 hours ago, gazumped said:

Don't know how we're different,

Thanks. Will try Vivaldi.  My first efforts to install it didn't work. Got message, "Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."  Thinking that Kaspersky Total Security may be blockading it, I made the exe file an "exception" and now I can't launch Vivaldi.2.0.1309.42.exe at all.  Any thoughts welcome.

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Hmmn.  I'd delete anything you currently have on Vivaldi and restart your system,  then try downloading again...  if it's still a problem you'd need to talk to Vivaldi support - I'm a new(ish) user too,  so not much experience here with its quirks!

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4 hours ago, gazumped said:

Hmmn.  I'd delete anything you currently have on Vivaldi and restart your system,  then try downloading again

Hmmm, I'd start by deleting Kaspersky...

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I like the horizontal scrollbar, but I wish that it worked when I click my mouse wheel sideways.  On every web browser I've used, this does a horizontal scroll.  But not in Evernote.

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