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Problem accesing my account, no email access

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Hi, my account is ernestorendonb@gmail.com, unfortunetely i lost my phone and when i try to recover my evernote via web, it says that i have to restore my password, the thing is that i had my gmail password in a note in evernote, so i cant access my gmail and my evernote, im trying to restore my evernote so ican acces my gmail password, is urgente to me to recover all this, please help, i contact days ago evernote via email and they never contact me, i cant access my gmail please help to recover my evernote without accesing de restore link in the email!!!

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Hi.  We're a -mainly- user-supported forum so no access to password details: you need to use the 'forgotten password' process from Gmail to get access to the email account,  and then the same process in Evernote to open that. 

Evernote,  like most IT providers,  won't deal with email enquiries by return - if you completed a support request you should have been allocated a ticket number.  If you can quote that number here we can ask a forum Admin to take a look at it for you.

Alternatively you could try https://twitter.com/evernotehelps for assistance.

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