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EverTool - an Evernote editor helper

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Hi guys,

This is the developer of EverTool, an Evernote editor helper. In this post, I would demonstrate why I create this tool, how this tool can help you enhance the productivity, and present all the features you can use in this tool. Thanks for gazumped suggested to post it on this forum.

As one of the Evernote user, I love Evernote and I think it is still the best note-taking tool. However, there are some features requested by lots of users, like Markdown, text style management, templates, etc.. As an engineer, I agree that the Evernote team has their roadmap to build and enhance this product. I think to build a successful product needs time and a thoughtful plan to make sure the new features fit most of the users.

But like other users, I still hope I can use Markdown, code highlight, and other features to enhance my Evernote productivity.
Therefore, I build EverTool, an Evernote editor helper.

What is EverTool?

EverTool is a kind of third-party app for Evernote. But it's not like other third-party apps. EverTool works independently from Evernote. 

Working independently means two things:

  1. EverTool will NEVER request the authorization from Evernote

  2. Keep the original usage behavior of Evernote

Why do I think these two points are important?

Many users use Evernote to manage their data. Especially for business users, they use Evernote to save secret data and communicate with team members. When we use Evernote, we trust Evernote, but do you trust other third party integration apps they can fully access your data?

Another point is keeping original usage behavior. Evernote is an excellent tool. It already provides tons of useful features. Thus, when using EverTool, you don't need to change any usage of Evernote. EverTool is just a helper. You only use it when you need it.

How EverTool works?

It's super easy to use. Three steps make your note better:

Cut the text → Click one of the actions in EverTool → Paste to Evernote


Useful features

In this section, I will introduce all the features of EverTool in version 0.3.0.
Before we started, just keep in mind, the usage is the same: cut and paste.

Text style management

When creating a note, we usually use the same font style to present the same level.
This feature will be handy when you want to reuse the text style. (It's similar to the styles pan of Microsoft Word).






Transform Markdown

This thread has great discussion about integrating Markdown in Evernote. 

Here I provide the EverTool solution.



Resize images to the same width

When we import lots of images to Evernote, Evernote will use the original image width to present on the note. If the image is too big, it will be full width.
Think about if your note has many images and all of them present full width, your note will be very long and filled with images.

This action can help you resize all images to the same width in one click.



Highlight text

We know Evernote only provide one highlight color. This action can let users define any highlight color.

Tutorial: https://evertool.app/how-to-use/customized-highlight-color


Transform Excel spreadsheets to Evernote native table

Some users hope Evernote can provide the more powerful table, like primary math function. But in my opinion, Excel or Google spreadsheet already do a really good job. We can keep Evernote as a presentation place and do the complicated calculation on Excel.

Therefore, what we need is transform the spreadsheets to Evernote table seamless.



This action support Excel, Google spreadsheet, Mac Numbers and Evernote table. Therefore, you can also use it to beautify your Evernote table! The table style is also customizable.


Url → Url + Title

This feature is based on my personal usage scenario. I usually paste links in my note, but it is just url not the title.
Of course, I can copy the title of the web page and alter the url name in the note, but it's too slow.
Thus, this action makes you select all urls and transform them to urls with the title.




Highlight code

Dear engineers, it's time to write your technical notes on Evernote!

EverTool supports 74 different highlight code themes. Engineers can write beautiful technical notes on Evernote.





In short, EverTool is an independent tool provided several useful features. It's just a helper but it's powerful.

All the features mentioned above are all customizable. You can define the font style, table style, highlight code as you want.

Besides, it supports on both Mac and Windows platform.

If you like this app, you can buy this app on Mac and Windows store to support me develop more useful features in the future.
It's a one-time payment and you can enjoy all the follow-up update. 

Download link:

Mac Store: https://lihi.cc/l9Twv
Windows Store: https://lihi.cc/c1EEv

EverTool is well documented. Know more on the homepage 👉https://evertool.app/


Thanks for the reading. Should you have any suggestion, please don't hesitate to leave the comment.
Hope EverTool becomes the wings of Evernote. Make Evernote fly farther and higher.


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This is pretty good.

I've been using it for about 30 minutes. It covers my most common complaints about the editor (aside from the editor just being buggy); The absence of set styles, and code highlighting. Stays out of way, looks good, works as advertised. 

I have a single complaint or request so far: the fonts you allow me to choose in the styles, none of them are the fonts I actually use. Evernote lets me choose any font on my system, and I'm using the IBM Plex family. But EverTool only gives me a handful of default fonts. 

If a future version could just hook into the Mac font system, same as Evernote does, to display all the fonts available, that would be cool.

Otherwise, great job!

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3 hours ago, Vladislav Krakhalev said:

Why you love this app? It wastes time, because you need every time do cut-paste action. Idea is good, as some functions, but cut-paste .

Confirmed: copy/paste is used to implement the text reformat.
Some users want to use styles and/or Markdown in editing their notes.  
This is an easy and quick way to accomplish this.
Do you have alternative steps to achieve the same functions?

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14 hours ago, Vladislav Krakhalev said:

Why you love this app? It wastes time, because you need every time do cut-paste action. Idea is good, as some functions, but cut-paste .. 

Love is a strong word. I like the app because it lets me do two things that were harder to do before:

1. Write in markdown and get it into Evernote

2. Highlight code. A LOT of my notes are code. 

Previously I've used both Marxico and the EverMonkey extension for VS Code to handle my markdown/code highlighting needs, and they both work superbly for me. My issue with them though, is that they "lock" the note so it cannot be edited in Evernote any more, which is sometimes really inconvenient. This app lets me get my highlighting and/or markdown into Evernote without having to leave Evernote, and without making the note non-editable.

Bonus: pre-defined text styles which I've always wanted Evernote to do. Its the only thing OneNote does that I like better than Evernote. I suppose it's a redundant feature if I'm using Markdown, but I'm not always using Markdown.

The mechanism is not awesome, but it works. If you have a better solution for accomplishing the same things, I'd be interested in exploring it.


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Thanks for telling us about EverTool. I'll definitely check it out!

Honestly, it's amazing this sort of functionality isn't baked into Evernote from the get go.

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