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Mark Connolly

Printing multiple notes on one page

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Have v7.4 on my MacBook Pro and hundreds of notes. I don't want to print each one on an individual page and I don't want to merge them all into one note, so how can I print multiple notes on one or more pages to save paper and space?   Thanks

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I hope this helps! Let me know if I can be of additional assistance:



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2 hours ago, macfixer said:

I hope this helps!

I don't think # of pages per sheet prints multiple notes on one page
You still end up with one sheet per note

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Hi.,  No doesn't help at all.   As detailed above, this still prints one sheet per note and thus wasting loads of paper.   There used to be a way of printing multiple notes one after the other as I've done it before but that now seems to be a removed feature?   Any help on this at all???

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