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Inserting Symbols in Notes


Hi! I am a scientist and I use Evernote on an everyday basis for tracking the multiple projects I have in the lab (love it!). I know many others in my field who do the same. One feature that I'd like to see and would be extremely beneficial to the scientific community is to be able to easily insert symbols to notes. Specifically, greek letters and some commonly used math symbols (at a minimum the plus/minus sign).  Evernote developers, please add a symbols icon to the note UI. (I know we can copy/paste symbols as needed, but it would be so much more convenient and efficient to drop in symbols as needed directly from within the app). If anyone knows of a trick or "hack" to easily add this to feature to my notes, please let me know. 



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I agree - I would like to see an easy way to add Greek symbols for scientific note taking. 

Any specific suggestions for how to set this up?

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I have access to a list of symbols but it's probably not sufficient.59713B9F-AECC-404A-8034-307CF381D200.thumb.jpeg.53456fe2cc821bebc3af27d13a21732b.jpeg
Personally, I would switch to an external editor that supports symbols.

I have automatic text replacement set up, for example omega.. converts to Ω 
On my Mac, Option Z also types Ω 

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