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Hitesh Singhal

Evernote Not Responding

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Even after upgrading to a premium version of Evernote, I'm ecountering issue such as crashing of Evernote (Or Evernote Not Responding). Other than this, while web access to evernote account has my all notes preserved, the desktop version is not providing the same. 

Please fix this issue as soon as possible, I'm stuck with some important work here!


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It seems that your databased on the desktop has corrupted. 



If you don't have any Local Notebooks,  the best thing to do may initially be to copy your database folder to your desktop as a backup (See Evernote > Tools > Options > General for the location),  File > Exit Evernote and then uninstall your current copy of Evernote,  rename the original Databases folder to Databases.OLD and then reinstall Evernote,  logging into your account with your usual user details.  This will rebuild your database and the search index from the server. 


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