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Work around on PDF file handler paste-in-password field

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Hi all,

I was using version --- a rather old version but notable as it was the last version to have a previous version of the PDF handler - all newer versions of Evernote use a updated PDF handler.

Why is this important?  There is a lot of encrypted PDFs in my Evernote store with complex passwords.  I need to have the "enter password" box to be windows-pastable --- the old handler had no issues but when I try  to paste in the new handler it edits the note instead.  I had passed along the message to evernote helpdesk and they  acknowledged the issue but never gave a ETA on fixing the issue

I was holding off to update but due to the recent security issue - am forced to update.  Is there anyone who has a workaround for this issue?


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Thanks dude - the link to hotfix version restored access with the old PDF behaviour.  Appreciated.

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