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“Bookmark manager” is beter than “Notebooks”


"Bookmark manager is beter than Notebooks"
Notebooks feature is too complicated for me, I feel.
Now I only use both features “Shortcut” & “Tag”[1], without “Notebooks”.
How do you think my feeling?

Best “Bookmark Manager” I've known is Google Chrome.
to import current
  • Shortcut -> Be like “Bookmark Bar”.
  • Notebooks -> Be moved directly. To make option about choosing to Refresh/Not, is best.

I have the ways to improve Google Chrome Bookmark. Bookmark improve way is following..
  • Add by New Top
  • Sort - like Evernote notes
  • Smart List - like iTunes
  • AI recommend - like Spotify
BtW, "Bookmark Organizer" is the better name than "Bookmark Manager", I think.

1.^ my Tag feature using way in Evernote is like below.
For your information :)

toShare / Shared, [EvN FBs] = Evernote Feedback


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In Evernote, Notebooks are a method of organizing Notes.
I'm not clear on a direct Bookmark manager connection; however notes can include bookmark information.

>>Now I only use both features "Shortcut" & "Tag"[1], without "Notebooks".

I use Tags for note organization, with minimal Notebooks
Notebooks do have specific features:   share, sync/local, offline

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"Improve Notebooks to Bookmark feature in Evernote"

28 minutes ago, DTLow said:

In Evernote, Notebooks are a method of organizing Notes.

Yeah, exactly “Nootbooks” is the powerful method to organize notes, I agree with you.


I'm sorry not to write my idea enough clearly.

It's not connect to bookmaneger in browsers, but improve “Shortcut feature” to new “Bookmark feature in Evernote”.

It's time to make Bookmark in Evernote, isn't it?


Your comment make my idea clear.

Thank you.


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