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Brian Crockett

Cut and Drag in Penultimate Leaves a Mess

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When I select something in Penultimate and try to drag it, it leaves behind random pixels or line segments. 

Text that I moved by dragging now has little gaps in the lines and is hard to read and I can't move other text into the space left by the previous drag as there are little spots all over that space which makes that text hard to read as well.

It kind of defeats the purpose of taking electronic notes if you can't drag the text around to reorganize it. I might as well be using pen and paper.

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When will this bug be solved? It is super annoying! I am considering changing to another app, just for this reason. It doesn't seem very difficult to solve this!

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12 minutes ago, Brian Crockett said:

They’ve moved most of the functionality to Evernote App. I’ve been using that. 

That would be the sketch feature

I wasn't happy using that feature for note taking   
One serious concern is lack of an auto-save.  Work is lost if you don't manually save   
My solution is a third party dedicated product (Notability)    
I save the documents in Evernote as note attachment files

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