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Printing Embedded Images

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Hello - (this now happens on both Mac and Windows client versions) -  somewhere along the way, Evernote started bleeding embedded images (JPG's etc) across multiple pages.    So you get, for instance, 80% of the whiteboard picture on one physical printed sheet and 20% at the top of the next sheet.    At one point in time, Evernote did not let images span pages, but rather sized the image to fit on a single page or page-broke and put the whole image on the next physical printed page.     This is causing problems since I have used Evernote to capture meeting notes, including captured images, and when printing them to hang up and comment on or cut apart (etc etc)  I can't get one whole image on one individual page.    I've seen other threads saying Evernote is about using less paper (weak) and that Evernote doesn't have formatting tools (OK), but the point is it DID work at one point (many releases ago) and it hasn't for quite a while.  I left one of my machines with an old version but mistakenly upgraded it recently.    Someone dropped a feature in an upgrade branch.   I can't find a setting for "keep images intact on page".    Can you address please or point me to the settings to address this?  

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