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Scroll back up bug back from the dead

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Version: 8.1_beta5_4391

On the new note editor for Android, there's yet another bug that causes random scrolling behavior when editing. This has been "fixed" a few times before, on both Windows and Android. This latest instance seems to be related to the new feature where you can tap anywhere on the note, and the editor switches to edit mode and places the caret at that location. This was enabled in a recent release, b ut it causes issues such as this, so it was removed, then more recently it was added back (and seemed to work ok). But now, if you edit a note multiple times with this method, it's impossible to edit the note in more t han one location:

1. Tap the note to go into edit mode

2. Insert text

3. Tap the checkmark

4. Scroll down and tap another spot on the note

5. Start typing, and the caret moves back to the location of the first edit.

6. While in edit mode, scroll back down and tap the second location.

7. Start typing, and the caret moves back to the location of the first edit.

8. Repeat ad infinitum


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In my case right after #4 the carret (cursor?) jumps to the top of the note. Should we consider it the same bug?

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