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Problem after update on non Administrator Windows user

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After quiting Evernote i loged in to Windows as an Administrator.

There I started Evernote (not logged in to Evernote) and did a "Check for updates" under Help.

I got (307353) Prerelease (CE Build ce-47.0.5287) and had to reboot, due to Outlook being started in the other Windows sesion.

To the developers: Are you trying to force users to have Evernote for Windows integrate with other apps? Could we please be able to choose to use Evernote as a standalone app?

After reboot, I loged first in as a Windows Administrator and checked the version numer on Evernote.
It was updeted! :-)

Then I signed out from that Windows Admin-account and loged in to my normal Windows User account.
Evernote did not start.
Tried multiple times, and the app did nothing when I clicked on the icon.

I then tried to "Run as administrator", and that worked.
After som startup work, I got to an empty Evernote and I checked that the version number was correct and up to date.

To get to my data I had to close Evernote and start it again, this time _not_ using "Run as Administrator" option.

To the developers: Could you please make Evernote for Windows run smooth for "non administrator Windows users"?

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