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Hi everyone,

Just joined Evernote forums, but have been using the service for a while for business and personal. Evernote on my android tablet is a must for my day-to-day work life. However, I have one problem, I cannot edit tables (add/remove rows/columns), I can only edit text already in a table.

Does anyone know if this will be an upcoming feature, or for current support for tables on android?



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Very important feature - can live with not being able to create the tables, but really need to be able to add rows (primary) and add columns (secondary). 

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34 minutes ago, dfriedeljr said:

really need to be able to add rows (primary)

My experience is with an iPad, which also lacks table editing features.

I'm able to add a row by pressing tab (external keyboard) when positioned at the end of the table.

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