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Chantal Leonard

New Web Experience Beta now Available


Hi Folks -

We’re making our new Evernote Web experience available for users to try today.

What makes it so shiny and new you ask?

  • We’ve spiffed things up to create more consistent design and interactions across web and other platforms.
  • With the ‘Shared with me’ view, you can now easily see all of the notes and notebooks that have, well, been shared with you. 
  • We’ve done some work under the hood to improve search results, so things will now be ordered by relevance instead of date updated.

Coming soon to a web experience near you: You may be missing reminders and a tags view, but don’t worry; we’re adding functionality to this new world as we go, so some of your favorite features are still to come.

Want in?

  • All you have to do is go to ‘Settings’ and click the ‘Use the new web beta’ link. 
  • Give it a spin and then send us any feedback you have by using with ‘Feedback’ button.
  • If the changes aren’t your cup of tea, no worries. You can turn back the clock by navigating to ‘Account’ and clicking on ‘Switch to previous version of Evernote’.

New Web Experience 


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I like the appearance of the new version, and I like having the cloud-based interface. But there are two features really keeping me on the old interface for the web, and using the desktop client to hard sync at least once a week.

  • Dark mode 😃 (I know it's nowhere near likely any time soon. I just need to go wander through Stylish. But it'd be nice to see.)
  • Reminders. This is the interface deal-breaker, as I use Evernote as a combination GTD (replaces Keep) and archive (replaces Onenote). I know there's a command (reminderorder :*) to search for them, but I've not figured out: a) how to save that search as a shortcut in the new interface, and b) how to exclude reminders marked as done. Given how much Evernote is touted everywhere as a GTD option, I'm...surprised this wasn't a higher priority.

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The new Web Client isn't ready yet. In my opinion:

  • It must be faster than the previous Web Client. It is slower now.
  • It must be usable without a mouse: accesskeys, please.
  • Moving a note and deleting a note can't be further than two clicks away.
  • Bulk operations, as seen on the android client, are *very* important.

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