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Rufus M

research Quote Highlighting, Tagging, & Compiling


I use Evernote for some fairly extensive research, and some more robust tools for managing this would be appreciated. In particular, quote management tools.

Features that I would like to see include:

  • Highlight colours.
  • "Quote blocks" (I currently use code blocks for big quotes but they are a bit fiddly).
  • Tagged highlights (e.g. a tag for the author or subject of the quote).
  • Quote compiling: a dynamic list of all highlights, with the ability to sort by tag.

I currently use an app called PDFExpert for highlighting PDFs, due to it having multiple highlight colours and a dynamic list of highlights/notes (though you cannot tag quotes).

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2 hours ago, Rufus M said:

Quote compiling: a dynamic list of all highlights, with the ability to sort by tag.

I see Evernote as more a generic product.

Are you asking for in-content Tags/links?

A Mac solution for the dynamic list part was discussed here.

>>"Quote blocks"

Any specific features?

>>I currently use an app called PDFExpert for highlighting PDFs, due to it having multiple highlight colours and a dynamic list of highlights/notes

Evernote provides basic features; I also use dedicated editors for extended features.



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